Turkey Cooking Tips





Buying Turkey

A 12lb (5.4kg) turkey (weight when dressed) gives 12 average portions. Your butcher will always advise you on size.

Storing the Turkey

Ensure giblets are removed. Place both giblets and turkey in the refrigerator.


Pigs in Blankets, Chipolatas and stuffings (including Chestnut Stuffing)

For Chestnut Stuffing, blend 1lb (450g) freshly made or canned unsweetened chestnut puree with 6oz (175g) chopped, uncooked dried apricots, 6oz (175g) chopped hazelnuts or chestnuts, 3oz (75g) seedless raisins, 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, 2oz (50g) melted butter and seasoning. Gives 12 to 16 portions.

Cranberry Sauce: Flavour this with a little port wine and orange juice.

Special Bread Sauce: Add a little cream and a pinch of nutmeg.

Roast and Duchesse Potatoes: (See “Lamb”)

Brussel Sprouts, braised Celery or Carrots and Peas.

Thickened gravy from giblet stock plus a little wine.

Stuffing the Turkey

NEVER stuff the body cavity just the neck end. Leave air space between stuffing and flesh. Bake extra stuffing in dished or make into balls.

Roasting Turkey

Cover flesh with soft butter. Cook breast side downwards for the first half of cooking time then turn 425° F / 220° C / Gas Mark 7 for one hour then 375° F / 190° C / Gas Mark 5.

Allow 15 minutes per lb (450g) plus 15 minutes for a bid up to 12lb (5.4kg). Over this weight allow extra 12 minutes per lb (450g) to 20lb (9kg); then 9 minutes for each extra lb (450g).

To test if cooked: Insert knife where leg joins body; juice must be colourless and not pink.

Carving Turkey

Sever one leg from the body to enable you to carve the breast.

Using Cooked Turkey

Cold turkey makes wonderful salads in various dressings.

Use in a casserole in a good sauce. Make curries.

Fill pancakes or omelettes with turkey and stuffing.

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