Whole Higher Welfare Free Range Chicken
Whole Higher Welfare Free Range Chicken

Whole Higher Welfare Free Range Chicken

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  • Raised on Balliefurth Farm
  • Higher welfare free range chicken

 Chickens are new to the farm for 2021.  During the lockdown winter of 2021 we added 3 new mobile chicken sheds so the chickens can be raised in small broods of 50. The sheds provide a good spacious environment that will protect them from the Scottish winters. Once they are feathered they have access to the outside so they can roam freely.

Our chicken is higher welfare which means…

  • They enjoy natural daylight. The sheds have a large window.
  • Our chickens are free range and have plenty of access to the outdoors.
  • The chickens have plenty to keep them occupied and perches to move around on and exercise.
  • We only use vegetarian feed.
  • We also keep health records so we check them daily for any medical issues that may need attention.

We have selected the Hubbard breed as they are a good for free range birds and provide an excellent chicken. They take about 10 to 12 weeks before they are ready, which is much slower than intensively farmed chickens which are usually ready in 5 to 6 weeks.

 Finally, this all makes for really great tasting chicken for you and you can be assured our chickens have been well cared for throughout their lives.


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